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Criterion for "Best Sexual Positions"It is common wisdom that for a position to be considered "best' it must fulfill the following conditions.• Give the woman a feeling of being completely satisfied• Stimulate both her clitoral and g-spot areas• Lead to mutual termination• Help allay the man's crisis in order to prolong the sexual union• Let the man deposit his sperm deep within the woman's vagina, thereby giving both lovers the feeling of great satisfaction.Therefore, assuming in the following 3 positions, an adequate sized man and not too wide woman, here we will go into detail regarding the best positions in the Kama Sutra from the perspective of: The best laying position, the best sitting position and the best standing position.

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Only one chapter deals with sexual positions at all and it is from this chapter we are now presenting for you the best positions in the Kama Sutra from both a male and female perspective.The couple can stimulate also the anal areas with their fingers.The crisis is long postponed in this position, and the couple will mutually enjoy each other for an extended period.The tucking of the woman's legs shortens her uterus, and the man can take full advantage of this in his rhythmical thrusting.The man can also withdrawn and re-enter several times, causing a great stimulation to the g-spot area.The wider woman will still feel full and she stimulates her clitoris by moving her public area against the man's pubic area (which contains the hard root of the erect penis).

There must be much kissing and fondling, as the lover's hands are free to explore their partner's body.The woman the wraps her legs around the man's back.The couple, in tight embrace, engages in no thrusting, but only mutual pressing and rubbing of their pubic areas.The man then begins his thrusting, and should alternate between deep and shallow thrusts.The man can also not thrust at all, but press hardly into the woman's vagina, and seek direct pressure on the g-spot area.At the near close of the union, the man can cease thrusting, but remain deeply planted and the man pressing only from his hips and the woman returning his pressing from hers.

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