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He was the confederary Mozyr judge; was a deputy from the Mozyr County.

With Mielzynski co-operated the commander of the battalion Major Stanislaw Fisher / Fiszer (then the Army Chief of General Staff). General Mielzynski was appointed commander of the infantry brigade in the 16th infantry division of General Zajaczek.Franciszek Ksawery Walewski owner of Wola Wiazowa, was the son of Franciszek Walewski with his 3rd wife [a marriage in STRONSKO]. 1873 - new palace; Leopold Kronenberg died in 1878 and Brzezie taken his children: Stanislaw Leopold Kronenberg (to 1887), then Leopold Julian Kronenberg (to 1937); 1889 - here was living Walerian Kronenberg; the last owner was Leopold Jan Kronenberg.Franciszek senior was born ca 1675 / 1690 / 1710 - died in 1745 in Rusiec; Franciszek's the 3rd wife was Teodora Walewska. ca 1738, died on June 14, 1812, was Major General, Adjutant General of Stanislaw August Poniatowski, the King of Poland, a captain of cavalry in 1789, Crown Court judge, six-time Member of Parliament. Maksymilian Dionizy Woroniecki of ZBARAZ, Duke, acted with official FELIKS SOLTYK; Mp in 1773-1775; born ca 1710/1720; married Aniela Miaczynska the daughter of Piotr b. 1639; great-granddaughter of Piotr Miaczynski and REGINA CIESLINSKA.In 1788, together with Konstantin JELENSKI, he was a deputy to the Polish-Lithuanian Parliament from the Mozyr County. 1819 Julia Oskierka the daughter of Pawel Oskierka official in RZECZYCA and granddaughter of Leopold Oskierka], took part in the conspirative congress of the nobility in the estate of Karol Prozor in Khoyniki, whose goal was to prepare an armed attack against the Russian Army and for the revival of the Constitution on May 3, 1791.The Constitution of May 3, 1791 greeted with his great enthusiasm. After the Smolensk investigation, by decree of Catherine II of June 20, 1795, ranked among the first category of convicts; Oskerka was exiled to "the most remote Siberian cities." His property was confiscated and was distributed to Russian nobles, in particular, in 1793 his estate Barbarovo was transferred to the real secret adviser Sivers.The memory of the loss of the huge estates of Oskerka was preserved in the Belarusian proverb: "It disappeared, like Oskierka assets. under copyright by the Russian Wikipedia]" Jakub Kiedrzynski from Kalisz, born in WILCZKOW, was the son of Andrzej Kiedrzynski born ca 1715/1720, was the owner of Orpiszewek [born in 1738 in WILCZKOW in the GLUCHOW parish; died in 1798].

Above JAKUB Kiedrzynski, and Antoni Psarski in 1792 [Antoni PSARSKI m. 1817 in the Chobienice - Siedlec estate near Wolsztyn, and the PRUSSIAN border.

Lucja Czekulin] were next of kin to the Madalinski family. Maksymilian Antoni Mielzynski, 1738-1799, born in Laszczyn - Cieladz [close to RAWA MAZOWIECKA]; d. Married in 1771 in Mierzeszyn (Meisterswalde) close to Trabki Wielkie, the Gdansk Pomeranie, to Konstancja Czapska, 1749-1813. Married in 1793 in Pawlowice (Pawlowitz) to Prokop Rufin Jozef Mielzynski, 1763-1800, the son of Hipolit Maciej Jozef Mielzynski 1733-1797 Seweryna Lipska d.

Krzysztof had the son Andrzej Walenty Mielzynski, 1698-1771; born in 1698 - Goscieszyn close to - Wolsztyn (Wollstein); 9 km south-east to WOLSZTYN, 8 km north-east to WRONIAWY; north-west to PRZEMET; 18 km north-west to WILKOWO POLSKIE of Kiedrzyski-Zamoyski family. 1801, Olga Kalinowska born 1818 or 1822 was married to Ireneusz Kleofas Oginski b. 1863 from Belarus, in 1844, and her son Bohdan / Bogdan Oginski was born in 1849. This Emperor has children from two marriages and children with two different women: with a princess Lubomirska ca 1867 and with above Olga, countess Kalinovsky / Olga nee Kalinowska was son Michael-Bogdan or Bogdan / Bohdan, prince Oginski born 10. 1848 or 1849 who married to Gabrielle-Marie, countess Potulicka / Maria Potulicki The Permanent Council consisted of a king (with 2 voices), 18 senators and 18 representatives of nobles (deputies); divided into 5 departments (foreign interests, army, police, treasury and justice).

ca 1730 - a marriage in 1760; unknown - marriage ca 1778 [or to Kunegunda Ewa Anna Maslowska b. Then to above Leopold Kronenberg (1812-1878), a Warsaw banker, investor, one of the richest men in ex-Poland in the second half of the nineteenth century.

1743 in Ruda, marriage in 1759-64]; and in 1779 or in 1784, in Myslniew, west to Ostrzeszow, to Konstancja Psarska a daughter of Fryderyk Jakub Psarski. ca 1690, died 1724, who was son of Krzysztof Wollowicz / Krzysztof Kazimierz Wollowicz b. Swiack - in the Hrodna / Grodno district, ex-Augustow county; close to Wollowiczowce; in the 18th - 19th centuries in the Troki province - belonged to the Wollowiczs; a palace built the Grodno marshal - Jzef Wollowicz (d. Brzezie - west of WLOCLAWEK, close to Radziejow and Brzesc Kujawski / Brzesc Kujawski, then it was the land of Miaczynski, next the property to the Kronenbergs [with Wieniec, Dubielewo, Aleksandrowo, Maryanki, Leopoldowo].

Mikolaj Wojciech Woroniecki - the estate: Dziembowo 6 km south-west to KACZORY; and named Kaczory, at half way from PILA to CHODZIEZ - see Kiedrzynski - Arcichowski branch in MARGONIN! in Milicz in 1785, Captain of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, landowner of Dziewoklucz in 1815, owned Margonin in 1817, m.

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