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Hitler’s propaganda leading everyone to believe (including Jews) who represented the economy, media, arts and business services, that Jews were responsible for the misfortunes suffered during the fall of the Weimar government through Nuremberg Laws leading to synagogue(the place of worship for a Jewish congregation) burnings , pogroms(Organized persecution of an ethnic group) and lynched by the espionage brutally in camps, ghettos and pits.

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Given below is a compilation of one of the root causes why people have come to hate them as a race much like the Kurds and Armenians that were too resented and exterminated.

The Holocaust refers to the systematic murder of more than six million Jews orchestrated by Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist (Nazi) Party in Europe during World War II(1933-1945) during which the Jewish Genocide shocked the world and questioned the human fibre of German authority becoming a license for other colonial countries.

Anti-Semitism is the intense dislike or prejudice against Jewish people who have faced persecutions , discrimination and expulsions throughout the world in different times and generations.

Who is a Jew is a question in itself and is hating them is an influence of the effect derived from history that we’ve become conditioned to accept and follow.

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The reasons were fear of domination by the scholarly and alien mongrel class of people who followed a distant religion and spoke an unknown language(Hebrew) .

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