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You may be very familiar with the services your organization offers, but by finding out about other types of victim service organizations, you can broaden your network, develop additional referrals, or perhaps enter into partnerships to better serve crime victims.Lays the groundwork for victim service providers to know the rights afforded to victims of crime.

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Mass Match Dating and Matchmaking Service might be able to help you find the perfect partner.

Some of your most critical responsibilities may involve assisting crime victims through the legal process if an offender is apprehended.

The more you understand the criminal justice process, the better you'll be able to support victims as they navigate this complex system.

The module also presents a look at the different steps involved in the military justice process, and compares those processes to the criminal justice system.

Takes a high-level look at the various types of justice used in tribal areas.Tribal justice systems can vary from traditional Western-style systems to tribal courts and traditional courts, including family and community forums.Introduces victim service providers to the various entities that provide assistance to victims of crime.Includes information that all victim service providers must know, including victims' rights and the justice systems, which provides a foundation for victim services.Provides basic information on how the civil justice system works.Lanie Delphin, Owner of Mass Match, personally matches people from the Western Massachusetts area.

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