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After that, it was about teaching proper techniques in the weight room.

Hearing old "Super Battle" tapes with Japanese dude speaking Japanese but then you hear "Skyline GTR" with excitement in his voice....

its your responsibilty as a GTR owner to know your car and know whats true or false. Its annoying when people think they know more about the car than you and you own the dam thing. I wouldn't call it Skyline just because it's not called Skyline anymore.

Interesting enough though, I noticed bunch of Hooter's girls posing next to my car at our local GTG today, even they knew to call it GTR than "Skyline".

Nissan can call this car whatever in the hell they want but anyone who knows the legacy of this car knows that the R-35 is the Skyline. Nissan wanted the brand recognition of the new GT-R supercar to be attached to Nissan rather than Skyline.

Pretty smart move on their part, the halo effect they are getting from the GT-R is off the charts. afterburner tail lights and 4WD and as far as the uninformed go, I'd rather the man on the street called it a Skyline, as opposed to the likely alternative e.g. afterburner tail lights and 4WDand as far as the uninformed go, I'd rather the man on the street called it a Skyline, as opposed to the likely alternative e.g.

Makes me cringe to see Skyline put together in the same sentence as the R35.

The guys from England though can't stand not seeing it called Skyline though...Maybe they were just a bunch of very educated and well informed Hooter's girls.I have been a fan of the Skyline dating back to the early 90's when I lived in Tokyo for a few years.You can’t worry about all these kids leaving, you can’t worry about things going on outside of your life.Focus on what you can control.” To teach accountability, Bowen has instituted an understanding among his players that if they miss a practice, they won’t be suiting up on Fridays.SALT LAKE CITY — When Bart Bowen was hired as the head coach of the Cottonwood Colts, two of the first things he did were clean out the press box in the stadium and organize the weight room.

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