Simple validating c input

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Simple validating c input

If the application is more complicated there might very well be a setting to display "1233" stored in the database as "1,233"."0.2" and ".2" should both input the same thing into the database.

It means that I can ask questions such as: "Do I have any notes about date XY?If you are just storing strings, then you could get away with just basic empty string type validation if you wanted to.But, yes, I always recommend validating when you know what you should be expecting.Add multiple email addresses in single input text field is useful when you are going to send bulk email at one action, you don't need to add multiple input email field for sending bulk email.Simple add a input text filed for validate multi input email field.As an alternative you can also try our non-DTD-based validator.

For Android library users, you can call the Safety Net Api.

A potential reason for It is always bad idea to enforce validation until you're absolutely sure you're doing a right thing, since enforcing validation may be harmful: for example, some of e-mail validation algorithms still doesn't know that " " is allowed inside username part of e-mail addresses and that really hurts some users.

So, If you are asking for a specific type, then you should validate and only accept that specific type.

Just because you at the moment don't want to do anything with the value doesn't mean that a future developer of your application wouldn't want to do anything with it.

Assuming that something will never be considered reliable input is a strong assumption.

Google Now might be interested in some cases to give you an card that related to the note for the date.