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But I know I will never be the wife I wanted and are capable of being now this has happened time and time again. My partner of nine years was caught on these kind of sites recently.He first did it when I gave birth to our daughter and I was in bed exhausted and recovering from a c section.

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I don't know what to do really and we are moving round the house in silence.

He said he felt unwanted and just part of the furniture which in part is probably true.

After lots of talking and crying we agreed to keep trying, be honest with each other and make more time for each other, which we have done.

I was sobbing my heart out a couple of weeks ago when this all started and he only managed 2 weeks without internet **** talk. I don't trust him and am laying awake at night wondering what he is doing downstairs.

We have 2 small kids and I can't stand the way I feel at the moment, he doesn't seem to realise how I feel about this, he says nothing would ever come if it and it's just dirty talk and titivation. Hi Louise, I too have been in your situation my OH used to call the sex chat lines and ran up stupidly high bills, this was 4 and a half years ago.

I told him I was leaving and told him to take my name off the house. It gave him the kick up the a**e he needed (well I hope it lasts).

In my opinion you should give him a taste of his own medicine. But I registered on and even though I never move spoke to anyone it made him realise that if he wanted me to be sacred to him he had to do the same back.

I really hope you can work it out with your husband. Amy xx Thanks so much for replying, we had major words last night and I asked him to leave.

He won't go so he is in the spare room and that's where he will stay.

Also what you have to think about its not just the once is it? If hes doing stuff on the internet make him show you what hes up to.

I hope you can sort it out, and he can regain your trust... It has happened before and he promised me it would stop.

I've recently found out that my husband has been staying up late at night and having dirty conversations with lots of different women.