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When Jones says that he "lost 66 friends last year" and begins to list recent departures—"David Bowie, George Martin…"—it's more than an acknowledgment of some recent rough years. “Let me show you that big one, because you can’t notice the nasty on this right away. Crazy motherfucker, but he was a talented man.” Another, smaller painting is one of Jones’s bathrooms. That's what you wanted to do so you could protect yourself. "And they stuck an ice pick"—he points to his left temple—"in here, the same time." Fucking right it did! That's why the second one had blue eyes." Or the occasion in May 2007, when Oprah brought Barack and Michelle Obama 'round to this house in an attempt, unsuccessful at the time, to woo Jones away from his friends the Clintons. "And we sat down in the kitchen, and for six hours…a really heavy meeting." (12) As another aside, he'll let slip that he saw Stevie Wonder last night: "Stevie and I are doing a lot of shit together." Or he'll say, pretty much apropos of nothing at all, "You run into amazing people—I'm thinking back to Norman Mailer, man. Then he'll gesture to the Space X model rocket across the room, over toward the library. "Bezos—the richest motherfucker in the world now."He pulls out a book published a few years ago filled with photos and memories from his life, and he tells me about the time Bono invited him to come along to the Vatican in 1999 to meet Pope John Paul. (1) But these seem almost trivial and incidental alongside the actual life he's lived. Jones also has several of Davis’s libidinous paintings in his house. Like, what's the most prominent instrument in the symphony orchestra? Harlem and Compton don't mean shit after Chicago in the '30s—they look like Boys Town to me. There's something in the water, man.""Hell yeah. Because it was frightening, and every day you never knew what was happening. Big gangs on every street.""Oh, they grabbed me, and they took a switchblade knife and nailed my hand to the fence right there." He points to a scar he's had on his hand for 77 years. T.: "They made that little monster, and he looked too much like a brother. " And smiles at memories that the rest of us can and should never know. Jeffrey Bezos." Jones makes a kind of exhalation noise.

We'd do one-nighters, I'd fly with him on his Learjet, he said, ' Let's get on the plane before Basie's drummer's cymbal stops ringing.…' Six Playboy bunnies on that.""Yeah, 1969. Frank knew first and he called me up, and he was like a little kid: ' We got the first music on the moon, man! And then Daddy came out finally and hit 'em in a head with a hammer."9. When Quincy Jones talks—wandering from subject to subject as he does—the next famous name is rarely more than a few seconds away, but it doesn't seem like name-dropping or showing off.

He died a playboy’s death in 1965 at the age of 56: After an all-nighter at a Paris nightclub in celebration of a polo victory, he drove his silver Ferrari into a horse chestnut tree. Musicians who have played for, and know, say, Clinton or Obama may be ten a penny these days, but how many others can also say, for instance, that they played—at the age of 19 as a trumpet player with Lionel Hampton’s big band (his first regular professional job)—at Dwight Eisenhower’s inaugural in 1953?

All over the world."A few minutes later he shows me photos of some of his children: "When you've been a dog all your life, God gives you beautiful daughters and you have to suffer. They're here all the time.""I don't know. And the big bands, that's like the school of the dogs. Every fucking night it was like the girls coming through Neiman Marcus: ' Oh, I like trumpet players,' ' I like sax players,' ' I like guitar players'… Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza was a Dominican diplomat, sportsman, and playboy famous for dating many of the most famous and richest women of his era. ' I said, ' God, let me out of there.' ""Yeah, but she was always sabotaging it. She didn't want to know about that shit." He laughs. Even when it comes to politics, the range of Jones’s access and experience is hard to believe.

And because each sentence from his mouth comes out sounding like a benediction, it takes a while to register that the word the 84-year-old Quincy Jones uses more than any other, as a term of both endearment and opprobrium, is Mostly we talk about the past, naturally, and we get there soon enough. I stay at his castle in Dublin, because Ireland and Scotland are so racist it's frightening.

My daughter Kidada calls me LL QJ—Loose Lips"), but it doesn't really seem to stem the flow. Sinatra and Ray Charles, them motherfuckers invented partying." Jones shows me the ring on his little finger. I said, ' Oh, my man's got some pimp shoes on.' And he heard me." and Bono said, ' Quincy said he had some lovely loafers on.' [Bono]'s a great guy.

When I arrived here this evening, Jones had just woken up.

This is his normal schedule: Rise around four or five in the afternoon, and then ride through the night, his mind racing. "I'm writing Mandarin, writing Arabic, writing katakana in Japan. It was actually called Bols Genever, and Charles reportedly drank a bottle every day.

This is fresh in his mind, in part because he knows whom he blames for this disappointment. He was trying to get the one that he could sell the most, and Ed Snowden was the big topic then. If there's anything I've learned in 84 years, it's that whatever you put out there, it will come back at you.

But he double-crossed us, and I don't give a fuck—see what happened to him? That's for sure."Even setting aside the improbability of a man rising out of his background to achieve all that he has achieved, there have been at least three specific moments in Quincy Jones's life when it seems almost miraculous that fate allowed him to continue. Reached up and pulled my friend, and his head fell off. It was very traumatic."A couple of years later, Jones tried driving lessons. Some days he was okay, but others he was all over the place.

And in Paris to this day, you go to Chez L' Ami Louis, the waiter will come over to you with a pepper shaker and say, ' Here's your Rubirosa.' He always used to say, ' Quincy, it's by the head, not the bed.

It was shortlisted as one of the 15 documentaries up for an Oscar nomination, but it progressed no further.

We're doing ten movies, six albums, four Broadway shows, two networks, business with the president of China, intellectual property. And the curiosity's at an all-time high.""Yeah, but I came up with Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra, man. When we meet, celebrity sexual harassers are falling like dominoes.

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