Nrdc report the dating game

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Nrdc report the dating game

Commercial composting operations ensure that their materials have steady exposure to oxygen, whereas backyard composting requires us to make that happen. “Home composters are less likely than municipal or regulated facilities to monitor aeration.” Given that unfortunate reality, you have two choices: 1) dedicate yourself to turning your compost pile to ensure aeration; or 2) leave it up to the pros!

Leading activists have run the Zero Waste (Spreco Zero) campaign since 2010.The occasion of the actual State of the Union address provides the perfect opportunity to consider our progress on wasted food in America. In the US, we’re making great strides in building awareness on how much food is wasted.And we have an ambitious federal goal–50% reduction by 2030–without much of a plan on how to achieve it.Bigger supermarkets and large package sizes enable and entice over-purchasing. And maybe, just maybe, Italian food passion leads to perfectionism and picky purchasing.Fortunately, Italy is doing its best to combat wasted food.The class engaged in plenty of experiential learning, too, visiting a Parmigiano Reggiano maker, a balsamic vinegar producer and a supermarket hell bent on preventing food waste via the Last Minute Market program. I won’t soon forget the care and theatrics that a Bologna waiter exhibited when tossing and serving a Tagliatelle Bolognese.

Another exceptional experience in Italy is simply eating. You’d assume that that passion would translate into less wasted food.

Yet neither the increased awareness nor that goal has translated into tangible progress–yet! We’re ninth out of 34 nations ranked on the Food Sustainability Index for food loss and waste.

With an optimistic outlook, here are some highlights from the last year or so: I recently had the opportunity to help lead a Penn course on sustainability and the food-water-energy nexus, with an emphasis on food waste. Second, course instructor Steve Finn wanted to explore food waste through the lens of Italy’s passion for food, especially in the wake of EXPO Milano 2015. We held sessions with UN FAO staff in Rome, interfaced with professors and students at the University of Bologna (like the amazing Silvia Gaiani), and visited the Food Innovation Program in Reggio Emilia.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to report that the state of our Food Waste Union is strong!

I’m not really sure whether that conveys that we’re wasting a lot of food or making progress on the issue, but, oddly, both are true!

Opting out is like choosing an SUV over a hybrid car because the latter isn’t an electric car.