Intj and infp dating

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Intj and infp dating - Free milf dating usa no credit card

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BTW, I'm pretty sure it wasn't you being INTJ that's the problem. a lot of personalty types enjoy these activities :)yeah I've been on it for 2-3 months.I have others, but those are the ones that tend to pretty much always apply. I just joined this subreddit and I never actually thought about mbti and dating before. I'm a female and I have never actually met another INTJ. Thank you for the data compilation :) I wouldn't mind expanding my search into other MBTI types as long as they had the "NT" part. I had the same result when I tried that site, after spending an hour filing out that damn test it just goes "sorry, there doesn't seem to be anyone in our entire fucking database of millions of people who could possibly be a good fit for you, fuck off"; paraphrasing ;)That kind of dating sounds awesome!I'll either end up happily married, or with the perfect system for identifying girls with whom I am particularly compatible but will eventually dump. That does seem a bit presumptuous to rule out people based on those things but whatever works for you (aside from the more slutty pictures, that's a flag as far a relationships go). Have you dated someone who you knew was same mbti score as you? Hypothetically speaking, I think it would be awesome to date an INTJ. As a girl on OKC, I think you can expect a lot of copy/paste messages from guys that will look something like "Dear insert username, you are hot..." And if you don't respond in 2 days or less, about quarter of them will call you a slut. Your complete r/INTJ dating profile:25 yr old most likely white (94% chance according to wiki) and intelligent (INTJ after all : D) female looking for INTJ males b/w 23-32 yr old (girls tend to not wanna date too young, but usually willing date up higher. Must enjoy reading, traveling, painting, or creative writing. I mean, finding an INTJ like myself would be awesome. INTJs are like unicorns; awesome and magical, but hard to find. It must be refreshing to go on a date with someone who is honest, blunt, and tells you what they want. I created a profile on eharmony and filled out the questionnaire only to have absolutely no matches for the entire United States. Yeah, I actually don't think I have ever used online dating just to find someone to hook up with. (we get to the milkshake place) We will both have strawberry. Yea but now that we are here I would like to have an option. just ask, how do you, and a lot of you guys here know your s.o's or other peoples mbti? i dont know anyone elses irl, and tbh dont care, but just curious how you/you other guys know?I guess no one in the USA enjoys reading, traveling, painting, or creative writing. I mean some of the people I have met while looking for something more serious kinda ended up as fwb arrangements, but that was never really the goal. In some vampire myths, vampires can also become invisible.I had really bad luck with dating sites (M to F ratio, females being spammed).

I've had far more success with coffee mets bagel due to the 1:1 match.Or the way you worded your 'about me' thing?Are you guys really looking for INTJ companions though?I have like 5 solid dates already planned and working on a few more lol.And i have those same interests listed...maybe it's your pic (or lack thereof)?Eharmony's questionnaire had a piece that asked what I was thankful for. Better yet crack a silly joke and refer to your MBTI type. Seems to me that detailed profiles take the whole "discovery of who the other person is" aspect out of the dating process. I spent several hours tonight on OK Cupid, I have it actively open in another tab right now. Some hot young doctor student messaged me "It's interesting to me; you seem smart, but rely heavily on the MBTI, which is largely bullshit." First, I don't "rely heavily on MBTI" I mention it once in my self summary, but whatevs, she's cute. If you segway in interesting unique quirk about yourself (do you lucid dream, have unique/interesting insight, run experiments on yourself etc) into a conversation that'll probably spark their curiosity more to get them asking the questions/leading the conversation. I'm single for now, but i have certain feelings about one guy, I met there... I heard once that eharmony was a religious site and if you did not mark yourself as such it would give you "no matches at this time".

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    When sending your message don't make it a standard message to all but make your message personal by replying to what she has said in her profile.

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    Similarly, we cannot hope to tell you what it is that honestly makes you who you are (without seeing your answers to a couple hundred questions that we may have already asked you to answer).

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