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Diane wasn’t home at the time, but one of her best friends, a cosmetologist named Dani Jo Carter, happened to be there.

One afternoon, about four or five years ago, she looked out her window and saw, sitting on her terrace, a buzzard. According to Calhoun, she and Diane were sitting in the dining room, closest to the terrace.“This is a bad area.” We know what he told Atlanta Police Detective Darrin Smith three days later, when he was recalling their exit off the highway, the left turn that took them through the underpass beneath the interstate, a fear that feels more suited to the downtown Atlanta of 20 years ago than to late September 2016.“My dismay was [it] seemed like every turn we made, the street was darker and there were more people milling about. It had, after all, been a summer of anger across America.She didn’t have high expectations, though, judging by what she chose to wear—a baseball cap and some workout clothes.Sure enough, they started dating; Tex even leased out his unit and bought one next to hers.For 12 years, until his resignation last spring, he served on the State Election Board, where he used his position to vigorously push forward a voter photo ID law, even authorizing the mailing of 300,000 letters touting the new law though it had been deemed unconstitutional.

In early 2005 Governor Sonny Perdue appointed Mc Iver to the Judicial Nominating Commission, which recommends to the governor names for vacancies on court benches.The next day, Calhoun was at the Mc Ivers’, joining them for dinner and telling them what she’d seen. Austin Schwall was in the condo, too, but in the kitchen.She glanced out on the Mc Ivers’ terrace—and there sat the same buzzard. Austin is 11 years old, so he would have been six or seven at the time.“I support him more than ever and intend to give him additional money because it looks like he needs it more than ever,” Mc Iver told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, adding he’d back Swindall even if the congressman was convicted.(He was, on nine counts, and sentenced to a year in prison.) As the balance of political power in the state shifted to Republicans at the beginning of the 21st century, Mc Iver’s loyalty was rewarded.What was Tex Mc Iver thinking when he asked for the gun that would kill his wife?

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