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Trombonists have devised systems for playing these notes that open up opportunities for even more glissandi.

The more astute reader may notice that there are some notes missing, a fat diminished fourth from B natural below the bass clef to the E flat just above it.She also adds that she knew her marriage was over for a while.She says when things started (two months ago) she didn’t know whether to keep up appearances or let the world know.When the player presses a trigger and opens the valve the tube lengthens making the pitch lower.Professional tenor trombonists usually have a valve that will lower the pitch of the instrument by a fourth pitching them in F (giving them the F harmonic series when the slide is all the way in): Remember, that low F may not be playable by your tenor trombonist. As you move the slide out with the valve depressed each subsequent half step is slightly further apart.Generally, they all have an F valve and some other valve that will give them that low B.

One common system is one valve in F, the other in D (or the combination of the first and second will give D). Jurgen Faisst that shows approximate positions and harmonics for the B flat trombone, the trombone with the F valve depressed and the trombone with a D valve engaged (notice that with the D valve the trombonist can only get a major third): Possible Glissandi (The Exhaustive List) Using the info above we can construct layer upon layer of glissandi.You can use any of those in full or in part and have a playable glissando on the trombone.Extending the Glissando This is why the glissando from the bass trombone part to Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra is not possible on most modern trombones. There are some valve combinations that can handle it.) To get from that B to that F you have to cross between two harmonics.If you don’t know anything about the harmonic series take a second to digest that info (particularly the section “Frequencies, Wavelengths…”) I’ll wait here. Octave, fifth, fourth, major third, minor third, flat minor third, etc. The Trombone (It’s An Extendable Tube) Now let’s talk trombones.You’ll generally be dealing with one of two types: tenor trombones and bass trombones.Tiwa Savage explains that her phones were taken away from her and she was just scared for his life.