Emotional intelligence dating

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Such understanding is extremely helpful, if not essential, to making permanent changes.

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The best test of how a person uses their emotional intelligence may be in their romantic relationships.

Though some of my ideas may be new, people often tell me that they make sense.

Once you see it written down, it may give you some new understanding of what is happening in your current relationship or what happened in past relationships.

Most of it was completely new to me at first, but I am finding that while I still revert back to my old habits at times, the new ways get easier with time and practice.

And I consider myself living proof that one can make major changes in their lives.

William Glasser, in fact, says all we can do is provide information to another person. Thus, the more we value a person or a relationship, not only the more interested we are in their feelings, but the more likely we are to make changes voluntarily, without feeling forced, pressured, manipulated or coerced." (see discussion of why anger is a secondary feeling), but in all cases we want someone to care how we feel. It was critical to our survival that when we were injured, we were able to express ourselves, to get someone's attention who cared enough to go out of their way to help us.

Before we had words, our emotions expressed themselves in moans, cries, tones, facial expressions, body language, etc.The better we were at communicating our pain, and the more empathy we were able to get, the more likely we were to survive.Also, the more important we are to someone the more likely they will care about how we feel. If we meant nothing to the tribe that we were in, they might just decide to leave us behind at some point.More likely you are generating feelings of guilt, which is not a healthy motivation for behavior. Those who learned to get their short term needs met this way are in effect using guilt to manipulate the other person. And their self-esteem will suffer because they are not acting out of their own free will.They experience a loss of power, so there will be future power struggles in an attempt to reclaim it.I will add that it is not easy to unlearn destructive habits and train yourself to react in more emotionally intelligent ways.

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