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Jim would arrive at the station with tons of records and carts he'd use for music and sound for the show.It's a scary good time, and a donation from Charles Laquidara WBCN Boston 1970.

My thanks for Jim for this neat memory of my college days.He was "Mc Dougall in the Morning" at WTRY from 1980-85, and Sky Stewart at WFEA. Jim Nettleton's body of work includes gigs at WFIL and WABC - and while at WABC, he voice tracked at WCAU-FM.Besides Nettleton who is always sounds professional and smooth, this station was TIGHT.The ET's for the spots were seriously scratchy, too.But, it's the "Gay, gay Phil Christy Show" and it's obvious Christy has a pleasantly dry sense of humor.Steele died in December 2002, and has been honored on this page.

My thanks to Rich Bosse, who prides himself in the audio quality of his airchecks.You never knew what to expect from him - on this aircheck he brakes into an impression of Jack Benny, and apologizes for remarks he made about the Beatles. Thanks to Boston Radio Jingles 1955-1974 (Part 1: ) (Part 2: ) Here is just about every Boston stations jingle you can remember (or not remember.) WBZ, WHDH, and WMEX are featured in the first part.For me, moments like those made him a joy to listen to. The second part features more 'BZ, WRKO-FM, WMEX and WROR. "WMEX plays hit number 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1-1-1-1..." - very cool! Throughout the years, Mc Dougall used several names. () We love getting airchecks from the great state of PA!They were a great sounding tightly formatted AC station.They simulcasted with their AM, which was actually 940, licensed to Brookfield, CT.Reynolds was an early influence on my interest in radio.

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    A few times I was accused that I am a very unfriendly person.

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    They still aspire to mount attacks within the UK mainland and have conducted attacks within Northern Ireland. The ‘STAY SAFE’ principles tell you some simple actions to consider at an incident and the information that armed officers may need in the event of a weapons or firearm attack: citizen AID is a simple, clear teaching aid for immediate actions and first aid for a stabbing, bomb incident or mass shooting.