Deal with an intimidating

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Deal with an intimidating

" or "I don't feel totally comfortable with that." You can stand up for yourself and be assertive without sounding angry.Create a kind of bubble, the psychologist suggests.

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If, on the other hand, the situation is truly unbearable, get help. More than that, they believe they should have what you have." Even a simple "Congratulations" can feel insincere or even hostile. Limit your communication with that kind of co-worker and do your part to keep your talks friendly, advises the psychologist.A bad co-worker doesn't mean that you should dread going to work.And more often than not, the issue can be resolved, according to Hakim.You could suggest she reach out to another co-worker or supervisor.You can say something like, "I'm sorry, Maya, I can see you're in a bind, but I can't help you because I'm so far behind in my own work. " With any negative working situation, if you feel like you cannot handle the issue yourself or truly feel in danger, do not be afraid to ask for help.Try to move the emphasis away from people and back to the issue or idea, the psychologist suggests. "Say that you'd like to have a better relationship and ask how she thinks you might be able to resolve your differences," Hakim writes.

If that tactic still doesn't work, consider your options.

"Imposers take unfair advantage of your time, talent and good nature," Hakim writes.

"Colleagues such as these are just plain self-centered and inconsiderate of others." The simplest solution is to apologize, say that you are too backed up with your own work and then decline to help.

Keeping an electronic record of interactions between you and the "intimidator" could also be helpful in case you need to discuss the issue with a supervisor or HR manager.

You helped a co-worker get acclimated to the office or with a difficult project and she won't stop knocking on your door.

Imagine a barrier between you and the co-worker that protects you from his threats.

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