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I'll start with "Lịch sử các triều đại Việt Nam Giai đoạn 1 The Ngô Dynasty (939-967) was a dynasty in Vietnam ( then know as Tĩnh Hải Quân-The Military region of Tranquil Sea).Ngô Dynasty opened the beginning of Vietnamese national autonomy.

An Nam (Future Viet Nam) gained full independence and governmental autonomy ever since.He said: "Diana has been pictured so many times, but these are special."Mary was a family friend for many years and I first saw the pictures when I was visiting my mother's house in 1989. "I said they would be a great memento and I would love to have them.She laughed and said, "You can have them when I'm gone - when I won't need them any more." "And true to her word, a few months before she passed away she gave my mother the pictures to give to me.The Vietnamese forces followed this impalement with ferocious fire attacks, which annihilated hundreds of giant warships.The Southern Han navy and the Prince of Southern Han were killed in the battle.He launched an attack and defeated Kiều Công Tiễn in 938.

The latter, before his death in battle with Ngô Quyền, he send an emissary to Southern Han court to seek for military re-enforcement.The emperor of China was preoccupied with these civil struggles and lost their grip on Tĩnh Hải Quân preiodically. He cornered the Southern Han garrison inside Dai La and defeated their force, afterwards establishing himself as Jiedushi.Tĩnh Hải Quân took advantage of this opportunity and initiated a full blown military campaign for independence, under the rule of Lord Protector Dương Đìng Nghệ Dương Đình Nghệ (? Dương Đình Nghệ was assassinated eventually by his general Kieu Cong Tien whom then moved up to the post of administrator(stupid guy). Ngô Quyền (897-944) was Dương Đình Nghệ's most general and son-in-law.Around 20 years old, he served under Dương Đình Nghệ's command and married one of his daughters.after he saw his father-in-law killed, Ngô Quyền was very anrgy and he sought revenge.Dương Tam Kha was one of Dương Đình Nghệ's sons, brother of Ngô Quyền's wife, Before his death, Ngô Vương had Dương Tam Kha become regent for his son, Ngô Xương Ngập. Dương Tam Kha forced his nephew-in-law to abdicate and installed himself as King, He took Ngô Xương Ngập's younger brother, Ngô Xương Văn as his adopted son.

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    As a double divorcee, I can tell you that yes, there were times I made a lousy spouse, but there were times I was the perfect wife! My mother always says, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” or, more delicately, just because he wasn’t right for one woman, doesn’t mean he isn’t perfect for you!