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Classification of a work area should be by a competent person (contact Safety Office). Personal protective equipment (PPE) should only be used where it is not practical or feasible to achieve adequate control by operational or engineering measures alone, in an emergency or for routine maintenance.

Fume cupboard, glove box, safety cabinet (for biological) and local exhaust ventilation are examples.

Identify the room(s), building(s) and sites(s) where this procedure is undertaken.

A unique reference number is assigned by the Safety Office.

Write a short description of the procedure or task.

Include recipes for reagents, buffers, solvents etc. Write the full chemical name as identified on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

This procedure applies to all work materials hazardous to health within CUED.

They include recognised hazard classifications such as toxic, harmful, corrosive, sensitiser, irritant, carcinogen, mutagen and toxic to reproduction.Where necessary, monitoring of the work place should be undertaken to ensure that exposure to hazardous substances is below permitted exposure limits.If the risk assessment has identified that these limits may be exceeded if control measures fail, then monitoring must be carried out e.g.Two time periods are used: long-term (8 hours) and short-term (15 minutes).Short-term exposure limits are designed to reduce effects such as eye irritation that may occur following exposure for a few minutes.Include CAS number if likely to be confused with other chemicals.

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