Are strong women intimidating to men

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Are strong women intimidating to men - horny dating online

I think people sometimes wonder if there's a place for men in a religion that has priestesses.After all, in patriarchal religions, priests have all the power, and women aren't even allowed to be "priests" -- except for a few progressive denominations.

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Real life, though, doesn't divide up these qualities. I'm always surprised when people ask that, but it seems a fairly common misconception. There are plenty of men in Wicca, and plenty of philosophical room for men as well. And because of the kind of "masculine values" that God-worship provides. So obviously the ratio of women to men in Wicca doesn't mean that Wicca is for women and not men, any more than Christianity is. It could be said that most men get their "spiritual needs" met by worshipping a God, because they can see themselves in Divinity.Alternatively, that's why so many women are attracted to is one of the few religions that even acknowledge the Feminine Divinity, let alone worship Her as equal and perhaps slightly primary to the God.Women, the Earth, the Moon, the physical body, cycles, and other "feminine" aspects are all revered in Wicca.

This can seem intimidating to men who are raised with values that prize intellect, aggressiveness, and independence above all.And in doing so, both women and men in Wicca are brought to wholeness and balance.That's why there will always be a place for men in Wicca.Or conversely, some men abdicate their power out of a desire to not dominate the group, but end up acting out with passive aggressiveness or other balancing mechanisms.After all, being powerless is not an improvement over dominating.It really seems to be coded in the Y chromosome to work in hierarchy! (Is this why Gardnerian-style Wicca is so popular with men? Not simply exchanging one set of rules for another, but going outside the stale rules and roles.

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