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The cabin is crushed and the roof is touching the instrument panel. About 15 metres in front of the plane, the divers found the first body.It had some of its flesh and organs still attached, and its skull rested in the silt next to the skeleton. The third body was found in the cargo hold, behind the pilot's seat, and the fourth body hasn't been found."One of the reasons we've gone to the media is that all the passengers and the pilot were bachelors and we're not aware of any family members. We know their names, but we'd like to know more about them to identify them and tell their loved ones that they have been found."The divers are quite sure there is no treasure aboard, and the plane itself isn't worth much either.

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21, 1957, as it was completing the third of its three trips that day. But the bodies of pilot Gaétan Deshaies, and hunters Tony Chivazza, Philippe Ouimet and Louis Hamel, all of whom were bachelors in their early 30s, were never found.Lac Simon is a magnificent lake in the Outaouais region of Quebec.This blog, coupled with on the ground activism and online advocacy, is an attempt to help safeguard our beautiful lake. JOE FRIESENNovember 17, 2007Globe & Mail Fifty years after it crashed, the wreckage of a bush plane that disappeared while carrying a group of hunters has been found intact at the bottom of Quebec's Lac Simon.It uses HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Grid system and coded with love and care.It's best suited for corporate/portfolio/blog sites. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.