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An anonymous accusation of abuse can lead to the removal of your children, to criminal charges, to separation from your spouse, and ultimately a prison sentence.

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Host a Party Listen to The Business Of Pleasure, Bedroom Kandi’s all-original podcast where we discuss a wide variety of topics from our products and human sexuality, to direct sales and the people who make our industry a success. See Our Resources – An In Depth Assembly of Information About Internet Stings To be falsely accused of child molestation or abuse is an excruciatingly painful experience, but it cannot compare to the devastation of having one’s life utterly destroyed by a wrongful conviction and imprisonment.The earlier you begin the appeals process, the better chance your have for possible reversal.My case had the same issues as the famous “Mc Martin” case. I learned it was more important to have an expert lawyer in child molestation defense than the best local criminal law attorney.” and could not handle my case well. Clancy is extremely knowledgeable about this specific field of law.It took 18 months to win withdrawing of the plea that I had entered and another year to win the trial. He communicated with me often and helped me to make informed decisions. He did an amazing job of defending me and wining back my freedom with Not Guilty Verdict on all counts.Unfortunately, these changes also made it easier for those who were falsely accused of rape to be convicted as well.

Adding to the defendant’s difficulties is the controversial “Rape Trauma Syndrome,” an irresponsible psychological theory that has been rejected by mental health professionals, but is still being used by prosecutors as so-called evidence in cases alleging the crime of rape.

The registration was originally designed as an aid to law enforcement and was not available to the general public.

With the passage of “Megan’s Law” however, the list of registered sex offenders is available to the public over the internet.

The federal government requires doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, librarians and other caretakers to report suspected cases of abuse.

If your child has unusual or unexplained injuries, you could be accused of child physical abuse, be charged, tried and could face a jail or prison sentence.

On the day of trial, my local attorney put me under extreme pressure to take a deal to one felony count of child molestation with a maximum of one year in the county jail.