3 minute dating game

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3 minute dating game

You probably won't get an amazing score the first time through a new course, but that's okay!

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When you start a new hole, the game will give you some information about new elements you haven't seen before.

No matter what the Par value of the hole is, the rating of your success is the same, according to this chart.

If you're new to the game, take a minute to get a feel for the Mini Golf Madness interface.

A bronze ball represents an easy course, a silver ball represents a medium course, and a gold ball represents a hard course.

Once you've selected the course you want to play, you can choose from 3 different options: Front 9, Back 9, or Full Course.

There will be a total of four courses available to start (including one Club Pogo-exclusive course), but new courses will be added over time, so keep coming back to look for more new holes to play!

Club Pogo members will have access to more exclusive Mini Golf Madness courses over time.

It's all fun and wacky Pogo treats in Mini Golf Madness! Want to practice your putting skills while having fun online?

Try to make Birdies or even Holes in One when you play this new online Sports Game of skill and challenges — Mini Golf Madness! The basic goal in all Mini Golf games is to sink the ball into the cup in the fewest shots possible, and Mini Golf Madness is no exception to that rule.

Aiming and shooting is pretty simple, but get used to hitting shots of different speeds and see how the ball responds.

Also, try panning and zooming around the first few holes to get used to the controls - once you've got that down, it will make things a lot easier as you play on.

Just like regular Mini Golf, the lower your score, the better you're doing.